What do I need Book&Payment for?

Book&Payment. is a platform designed to manage payments, complying with the PCI regulations at all times. This offers a series of functionalities that will allow us to expand the vision of the sales of our clients, unifying the Cashflow to the revenue in real time.

  • Protect the security of your customers and your business by complying with PCI standards

  • Reduce intermediation costs and chargebacks

  • Improve your company’s overall profitability


What does Book&Payment offer me?

  • Adapting to PCI DSS security rules to prevent fraud and keep data secure

  • Automation of payments

  • Card validation and pre-authorization

  • Connection with multiple payment gateways

  • Integration with all Dingus products

  • Fixed payment model, no commissions or surcharges  (business model)

Why Dingus?


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